The Vintage Room

Many works of art and houses are also considered retro, yet those artists and houses that predate the mall and contemporary home designs are generally considered vintage.

the Vintage Room This was the category I felt I had to fit in. As a former furniture designer, I knew that this was one of my strengths and now I was sharing it with the rest of you. A vintage woodworking room that was about five feet by five feet is still considered an established vintage by current house standards. I had a bunch of them sit around on this dining table, and I had to get rid of most of them as a result: they were (obviously) old. But the vintage collection I used on the table was only about 30 years old for most of the furniture pieces.

Photo by  Patrick Cook 

As you can see, the retro fans are out, and the vintage fans are in. 

I know most of you are probably thinking, “But Patrick! Those were my parents, and you don’t need to be in the business of communicating something as old as 

they probably were!” Yes, I admit the fact that I might have invited some child erotica into this, but to me, there is no questioning sexual contact between two grown women. Something that touches your innermost sexuality does not need a fancy new label and has a cult following to be a retro in the modern world. 

My success in this industry is the result of spending nearly 3 years as the development director for The Arts Agency. The agency’s clients from all levels of the business world sign long-term, exclusive printing contracts (usually 7 years or more), and have become most inspired by the artistic integrity I instilled into our clients and – in turn – become more confident and inspired themselves. 

In the end, if I am making people more creative and confident, they are more likely to pay for my services. If I am making them more creative and confident, they are going to want to buy my pieces. (I’m kidding…) 

So, to wrap up this whole Innuendo/Vintage Furniture and Retro room ministry/website “who’s the crazy one” thingy, here is what I said more than three years ago: 

Bespectacled skeptics, rejoice because an Armchair-Fanatic in the making is here to place your necks solidly in the beds!

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